When we allow energy to flow …

Body, mind and soul – all these three levels are part of our existence and are permanently in an energetic exchange with each other. A sick body will cloud our spirit, but equally a hardened spirit or a blockage on the soul level will be reflected physically.

Despite our good medical care today, we often fail to look at the level of our soul, however this is just as essential for the relief of any ailment. For example, some people report betterment of chronic illnesses that have lasted for years, but which were only possible after also soul issues had been adressed.

What is certain is that the more I am in touch with my soul, the more I can open my mind and thus also relax my body and let its inherent positive energy flow. A benefit on all levels.

With the Theta Healing® technique a connection to the creative power can be established to let energy flow in the highest and best way. We take a look at what the soul wants to tell us. We can also use this technique to work with everything else in creation: to communicate with animals as well as plants, or to trace the energies of places and objects, to cleanse them and much more.

Following the call of my soul, I offer on this website energetic work according to the Theta Healing® method, as well as soul journeys, animal communication, cleaning of buildings and more. As an artist I also use my creativity from this inner power and will present my works on nature symbolism here in the future.

I wish you much joy and inspiration while exploring my website!