Theta Healing® is a special technique of energetic work by putting oneself into the theta state. This corresponds, for example, to the state of meditation and prayer that has been practised since time immemorial. This technique was created in America by the healer Vianna Stibal and spread all over the world.

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Together we look at what is happening on the energetic level and how this affects the physical body. My sessions usually last 30-60 mins, the topics can be completely different. Each session is independent, we explore the issue and resolve – in each case we always conclude with progress. However, for very intense issues, you should definitely plan for at least 3 sessions, done in any adjusted time frame.

Procedure: The sessions usually take place at distance – via video chat or telephone. WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom and possibly MS Teams are possible. We usually start with a reading of the topic. Often this identifies blockages due to fears and beliefs and then we ‘dig’ forward, so to speak, until we get to the source of the problem and then resolve it.

I give sessions in German, French and English.

Energetic work is always to be understood in addition to classical medical therapy and never replaces it. I do not assume any liability and guarantee neither for healing successes nor for the consequences of the actions recommended in my readings. Everyone takes his or her own responsibility for the implementation. People with strong traumas or known psychological suffering are recommended to work through these issues with conventional therapy first.


One-time session: 50 €/CHF the first 30-45 mins + 25 €/CHF each additional hour or part thereof.

A series of 3 sessions: 135 €/CHF for 3 sessions (45 €/CHF the session).

Intensive coaching: one session a week on any topic: 160 €/CHF per month (approx. 40 €/CHF per session).

House cleansing: standard 100 €

The prices include all taxes. The prices in Swiss Francs already include possible customs and exchange fees.


Animal Communication, Readings and Cleansings

For the work with animals, places and objects as well as other people it is nice if I can get a photo, it doesn’t have to be a recent one. We usually connect directly with our target subject in the session and questions can be asked of animals or other people. We can also ‘dig’ into individual topics if necessary.

It is important that I get permission from the person for whom a reading is intended. If a normal communication is not possible, the permission is given by the owner of the animal, the property (also possible as a tenant) or even the person legally representing the animal (parent for example). A connection is also possible without permission, but work on all levels is not possible in all cases.

Group meditations and soul journeys

Occasionally group meditations and guided soul journeys take place here on site and as a live transmission via Skype or Zoom. If you would like to participate, please contact me by email and you will be informed about upcoming dates.